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Hifiklub + Matt Cameron + Daffodil + Reuben Lewis - Rupture (Vinyl/Record)

Hifiklub + Matt Cameron + Daffodil + Reuben Lewis - Rupture (Vinyl/Record)

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MeidHifiklub has signed to Electric Valley Records and will release a new surprise album entirely recorded in quarantine. ”Rupture” features collaborations between French open trio Hifiklub + Pearl Jam/ Soundgarden’s drummer Matt Cameron, producer Daffodil and experimental jazz trumpet player Reuben Lewis.

The instrumental character of this project, made up of six distinct movements, is only shaken by rare vocal interventions supporting passages where the music becomes more intense. This real sound puzzle assembled by Daffodil reveals the darkness and modernity characteristic of his latest productions. His meticulous mixing work allows this 25-minute musical piece, thought of as a whole, to evolve in the sandstone of unexpected rhythmic and harmonic breaks during which the trumpet and electronic sounds constantly revive the machine.

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre: Instrumental / Experimental.
Catalog No:  EVR030.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record.