HPS-080:  Duel - Live at the Electric Church (compact disc)

HPS-080: Duel - Live at the Electric Church (compact disc)

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YouTube:  This Old Crow (Live) - YouTube

You can almost smell the weed, the blood, and the sweat as DUEL Live At The Electric Church takes you on a tripped out journey to an old abandoned Spanish church turned DIY rock venue in East Austin, Texas USA. The front door is locked....The entrance is around the backside of the old building where rowdy metalheads and stoners huddle around a small bonfire made mostly of trash. Through the walls you can hear the thumping of a full on beer soaked high energy rock show. Swirling psychedelic tones breaking into blistering riffs, and the relentless chugging and smashing as DUEL deals one sonically punishing blow after another. You can feel the intoxicated energy of the crowd, and the band's unpolished swagger as they pay no mind to the microphones set up all around them recording the show. Brought to life by Crow studios mobile recording truck straight out of 197O's. Hear these tunes like they were meant to be heard LIVE and RAW!!