HPS-Sampler Volume VI (compact disc)
HPS-Sampler Volume VI (compact disc)

HPS-Sampler Volume VI (compact disc)

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We're so proud to announce the new Sampler, is the sixth year we are going to release this, and tracklist look awesome! You will find it in your HPS boxes when you will purchase from the site, or at some good festival in Europe for free at the merch table, or on tour with HPS bands

  1. 1782 - Bloody Ritual
  2. Acid Mammoth - Cosmic Pyres
  3. Belzebong - The Bong Of The Ethernal Stench
  4. Black Rainbows - Radio 666
  5. Brant Bjork - Jungle In The Sound
  6. Deadsmoke - Dead Minds Army
  7. Dozer - Supersoul
  8. Emile - Weight Of The World
  9. Geezer - Groovy
  10. Mondo Generator - Fuck It
  11. Mountain Tamer - Warlock
  12. Orgöne - Requiem For A Dead Cosmonaut
  13. The Pilgrim - Mexico ’84
  14. The Sonic Dawn - Hits Of Acid
  15. Warlung - The Scorpion In The Sand