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Lord Sterling – Your Ghost Will Walk (CD)

Lord Sterling – Your Ghost Will Walk (CD)

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Your Ghost Will Walk is the debut studio album by American black metal band Lord Sterling. It was released in 2006 by Profound Lore Records. The album is a dark and atmospheric exploration of themes of death, decay, and the occult. The music is characterized by its slow, brooding tempos, its heavy use of tremolo picking, and its distorted vocals. 

The album's title track is a 10-minute epic that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The song is a slow-burning, atmospheric track that builds to a crescendo of darkness and despair. Other notable tracks include "In The Depths Of The Abyss," "The Dead Walk Among Us," and "The Gates Of Hell." 

Your Ghost Will Walk is a challenging and rewarding album that is sure to appeal to fans of black metal, doom metal, and dark ambient. It is a unique and innovative album that stands out from the crowd.

Original Release:  1997.
Catalog No: CS007
Type: Digipack.