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Man Bites Dog - Man Bites Dog (Vinyl/Record)

Man Bites Dog - Man Bites Dog (Vinyl/Record)

Punk: Record
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The album was produced by Man Bites Dog and features guest appearances by The Armed, Full Of Hell, and Pyrrhon.

The album is a chaotic and experimental blend of punk, metal, and noise, with lyrics that deal with themes of alienation, violence, and the dark side of human nature.

The album was well-received by critics, with many praising the album's originality and intensity.

If you are a fan of extreme music, then I highly recommend checking out the self-titled album by Man Bites Dog. It is an album that will challenge you and take you on a wild ride.

Original Release:  2014.
Catalog No:  MBD-001.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record.
Color:  Black.