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Mars Red Sky - Mars Red Sky (Vinyl/Record)
Mars Red Sky - Mars Red Sky (Vinyl/Record)
Mars Red Sky - Mars Red Sky (Vinyl/Record)
Mars Red Sky - Mars Red Sky (Vinyl/Record)

Mars Red Sky - Mars Red Sky (Vinyl/Record)

Mrs. Red Sound - Record
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Vinyl debut album "Mars Red Sky" anniversary limited edition (984 copies).

LINK & PASSWORD to the mixing tool are on a little card, inside the record cover.

Orange marble transparent wax, golden cover.
Download code included
Private access code to explore the "Inside MRS" mixing website => on the same card as the download code.

This is a very special reissue including:
- an illustrated lyrics booklet with fans' artworks.
- a hot foil stamping on the cover and an orange marble transparent LP.
- an original online mixing tool to get inside Mars Red Sky's debut album and play with the stems while watching at the band recording the album about 10 years ago.

Recorded by Pierre Fillon in The Bardenas Reales Natural Park, Spain.
Mixed by Pierre Fillon and Mars Red Sky in Bordeaux, France.
Except "Saddle Point" and "The Ravens Are Back", recorded and mixed by Mars Red Sky at Mad Reed Studio in Bordeaux, France,
Remastered for vinyl by Stéphane Teynié at AD Mastering
Mastered by Mats "Limpan" at Cutting Rooms Studios (Sweden).

Web development: Aropixel
Video editing: Joséphine Labesse
Artwork: Carlos Olmo
Layout: Caroline Paigné
Booklet cover & back: Freaks.FM
Strong Reflection art: Markus Hiltunen
Curse art: Diogo Soares
Falls art: Emmanuel Garcia
Marble Sky: Romain Argant
Way To Rome art: Julian Langguth, Black Leaf Designs
Saddle Point art: Luka Noos
Up The Stairs art: Guillaume Magermans
The Ravens Are Back art: Lukasz Marzec


1. Strong Reflection
2. Curse
3. Falls
4. Marble Sky

5. Way To Rome
6. Saddle Point
7. Up The Stairs
8. The Ravens Are Back

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:   Heavy / Fuzz / Psychedelic.
Catalog No:  MRS000.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record.