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Mars Red Sky & Queen Of The Meadow - Split (Vinyl/Record)
Mars Red Sky & Queen Of The Meadow - Split (Vinyl/Record)

Mars Red Sky & Queen Of The Meadow - Split (Vinyl/Record)

Mrs. Red Sound - Record
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Vinyl maxi EP "Mars Red Sky & Queen Of The Meadow"

When the power of psychedelic heavy meets the depth of dark folk harmonies, it results in a complex and exhilarating flavor. The daring combination opens up the genres to a whole new dimension. MARS RED SKY's new EP, soberly entitled "Mars Red Sky & Queen Of The Meadow", exalts and enhances the trio's magic formula: namely, the blend of a robust and determined rhythm section with jagged and ambitious vocals, all evolving within a unique soundscape. The two tracks of the record suggest a disturbing journey through an immense maze directly inspired by mad architect Piranesi and his towers with terrifying staircases. Real melodic narrative, Queen Of The Meadow's vocals carve out an unexpected intensity. Mars Red Sky offers here an abyssal production, polished and unheard of. Note that the gem was mastered by Lad Agabekov, metalcore unit Nostromo's bassist.

Vinyl maxi EP "Mars Red Sky & Queen Of The Meadow"
Crystal cosmic splatter, 12' - 45 RPM.
Limited edition: 999 pieces.

All songs composed, written and arranged by Mars Red Sky and Queen Of The Meadow: Helen Ferguson: lead vocals and melodies ; Julien Pras: guitars, back-up vocals ; Jimmy Kinast: bass ; Matgaz: drums.
Produced, recorded and mixed by Benjamin Mandeau at Cryogène Studio, Bègles (France).
Mastering: Ladislav Agabekov at Caduceus Studios, Gimel (Switzerland).
Band photography: Jessica Calvo (photography), Fluor_99 (artwork).
Cover: Machado Leão (artwork), Brett Kielick (photography). Layout: Floriane Fontaine.


Side A
Maps Of Inferno

Side B
Out At Large
Maps Of Inferno (shortcut)

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Heavy / Progressive / Psychedelic.
Catalog No:  MRS019.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record.
Color:  Crystal Cosmic Splatter.