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Matthew's Hidden Museum - Matthew's Hidden Museum (Vinyl/Record)
Matthew's Hidden Museum - Matthew's Hidden Museum (Vinyl/Record)

Matthew's Hidden Museum - Matthew's Hidden Museum (Vinyl/Record)

Interstellar Smoke Records
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"So be it. As a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist and producer,
Bethancourt comfortably inhabits a variety of personae across the
span, from the ethereal jab-fuzz of “Naked and Rolled in that Rotten
Dirt” to the organ-led seven-minute self-jam “The Voyage of Psyche,”
which sounds improvised on top of its drums — a rare feat for a track
invariably recorded one layer at a time to feel made up on the spot —
dropping hints in “Sinphony” of the post-grunge-and-still-shimmering
“All of the Saints Will Sin Again” only before “Summer Rain (Will
Fall)” noodles out like a Beatles Get Back jam that Peter Jackson
found and the prior “Born on the 3rd of July” lights its fuzz on fire
with classic urgency.
The droning and spacious “Echoes Flow” caps side A and the even-more
spacious and atmospherically weird keyboard piece “(Golden) Kiss
Divine” answers back on side B, so there’s some underlying structure
even where it least feels like it, but “The Resurrectionist” at the
outset sets up open expectations and whether it’s the hard, low piano
notes before the freakout in “Golden” or the alternate-universe strut
in “Naked and Rolled in that Rotten Dirt,” Mathew’s Hidden Museum
indeed offer a host of treasures for close examination and study.
Or, you can put it on, be like, ‘Oh hey this is some weirdo shit right
here’ and just dig on it as it happens. Totally up to you. The album
seems cool with it either way."

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Alternative / Eclectic / Progressive.
Catalog No:  ISR-084.
Size:  12" single vinyl record.
Color:  splatter white / yellow / red.