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Mike Tramp - Remembering White Lion (CD)

Mike Tramp - Remembering White Lion (CD)

CRS: Greatest Hits - CD
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Mike Tramp - Remembering White Lion is an album by White Lion featuring new re-recorded versions of their classic songs from previous studio albums, including the band's biggest three hits: "When the Children Cry", "Wait", and "Little Fighter". It was released on October 5, 1999.

The album features Mike Tramp on vocals, alongside new backing musicians. The songs are re-imagined with new instrumentation and arrangements, giving them a fresh sound. The album also includes four bonus tracks, which are new recordings of songs that were not originally released on White Lion albums.

Remembering White Lion has been met with mixed reviews. Some critics have praised the new arrangements of the classic songs, while others have criticized the album for being unnecessary. However, the album has been a commercial success, selling over 100,000 copies worldwide.

Original Release:  1999.
Catalog No:  CLO4047.
Type:  Digipack.