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Misfits - Evilive (Vinyl/Record)

Misfits - Evilive (Vinyl/Record)

Misfits: Record
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Evilive is a live album by the American punk rock band Misfits. It was initially released as a 7-song EP in December 1982 and later added 5 more songs and released as a full album in October 1987. The album title is a palindrome, meaning it reads the same backward as forward (Evilive).

It was released on frontman Glenn Danzig's Plan 9 Records and is considered a raw and unadulterated snapshot of the Misfits at their best. The album captures the energy of their live shows in the early 1980s, featuring fast tempos, loud guitars, and Danzig's distinctive vocals.

The album includes some of the Misfits' most popular songs, such as "Astro Zombies," "Horror Business," and "We Are 138" (featuring a guest appearance by Black Flag vocalist Henry Rollins).

Evilive is a must-have for any Misfits fan and a great introduction to the band's sound for those who are unfamiliar with their work.

Original Release:
Catalog No:  PL908-1.
Size:  12" Single Record.