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Misfits - Static Age (CD)

Misfits - Static Age (CD)

Misfits: CD
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Static Age is the debut studio album by the American horror punk band the Misfits. Although it was recorded in 1978, it was not released in its entirety until 1997. The album is considered a landmark release in the horror punk genre and has been praised for its raw energy, catchy songwriting, and dark humor.

Static Age was recorded in just two days at a budget studio in New Jersey. The band's lineup at the time consisted of vocalist Glenn Danzig, bassist Jerry Only, and drummer Manny Razalla. The album's sound is characterized by Danzig's snarling vocals, Only's driving bass lines, and Razalla's fast and furious drumming.

The lyrics of Static Age deal with a variety of horror-themed topics, including monsters, violence, and death. Some of the album's most famous songs include "Last Caress," "Horror Business," and "Halloween."

Static Age was not a commercial success upon its initial release, but it has since become a cult classic. The album has been cited as an influence by countless punk and metal bands.

Original Release:  1997.
Catalog No:  CAROL 7520-2.
Type:  Jewel Case.