Mountain Dust - Seven Storms (white/red marbled record) *Import

Mountain Dust - Seven Storms (white/red marbled record) *Import

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Montreal, Canada's Mountain Dust return in 2018 with a powerful sophomore album entitled Seven Storms. The band is on track to further differentiate themselves from the modern rock herd with even more diverse instrumentation and song writing prowess than their first effort, 2016's Nine Years, which was well received the world over and secured them a deal with German boutique stoner rock imprint Kozmik Artifactz. 

Seven Storms remains rooted in the heavy rock styles that emerged in the late 1960s/early '70s but uniquely includes references to emotive soundscapes and cinematic "Spaghetti Western" scores. Vocalist Brendan Mainville continues to use descriptive imagery and clever storytelling to paint vivid pictures of both pain and triumph. 

"Five out of five Satan salutes for Mountain Dust...the music breathed, but it breathed like Godzilla...Imagine Zeppelin on their first american tour, pre-superstardom; that's the impression Mountain Dust left in their wake." CULTMTL.COM


- 200x red/white marbled 
- Plated & pressed on high performance vinyl by Pallas Group in Germany 
- deluxe 300gsm gatefold cover 
- special vinyl mastering