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Orang-Utan - Orang-Utan (Vinyl/Record)

Orang-Utan - Orang-Utan (Vinyl/Record)

Guerrsen Records
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Orang-Utan were in fact a London based band called Hunter, featuring vocalist Terry “Nobby” Clarke (of psych-pop legends Jason Crest), guitar players Mick Clarke and Sid Fairman, drummer and songwriter Jeff Seopardi and bass player Paul Roberts. They recorded their sole album in 1971 at DeLane Lea studios. In a bizarre twist of events, their producers / managers ran with the tapes to the US, where they placed the album on Bell Records under a new band name: Orang-Utan, without telling any of the band members.

A lost classic of blazing, early hard rock with minor psychedelic hangover vibes, a twin-guitar attack, and waves of fuzz/wah, along with powerful vocals. Think Leaf Hound, Budgie, Bang, Sir Lord Baltimore, Hard Stuff…

Legit reissue done in co-operation with the original band members.
Insert with liner notes telling the bizarre story of the band for the first time, and rare photos.

“Quintessentially British hard-rock, transforming the blues in a way American bands rarely did, and with a kind of vocal intensity that compares to Free, Humble Pie et al” – Aaron Milenski (Galactic Ramble)

Original Release:  1971.
Catalog No:  GUESS231.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record.
Color:  Black.