Hard to Swallow - Self Titled (CD)

Hard to Swallow - Self Titled (CD)

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Compact Disc

YouTube:  HARD TO SWALLOW S/T (1995-96 Discography) CD Armageddon Label (FULL ALBUM) - YouTube

One of the most intense and furious bands. Crushing hardcore/sludge combining the speed and simple brutality of Crossed Out and Infest, the negativity and venom of Eyehategod, and the heavy hooks of Black Sabbath. This is brutal music.

This release compiles the earliest recordings of this overlooked UK hardcore band. 12 tracks from the split EP's and demo as well as an unlisted bonus track.

Established in 1998 as the home for Dropdead records to be released. Since then we've done a few more projects with our friends.

Enjoy the music.