RIPLP-096:  Aver - Orbis Majora (multicoloured record)

RIPLP-096: Aver - Orbis Majora (multicoloured record)

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Only 100 pressed of this rare, multicolore "Spaced out" variant. 100 Aside/Bside (two-tone) doublemint with Grimace purple with lots and lots of white splatter

Aver Fearlessly take their music exactly where it needs to go, and packing enough technical nous and talent to power an exploratory vessel of sound and substance. At over an hour in length, their new album Orbis Majora exposes listeners to soaring instrumentals, heavy psychedelia and spine-crushing progressive cadences. Weighted somewhere between the worlds, galaxies and supernovae of stoner metal and space rock, for the quartet – who originally formed on the Northern shores of Sydney back in 2008 – their signing to the Californian label heralds yet another stellar addition to the ever growing Ripple Music Family, and the beginning of a journey out of the underground and into the void.

Luke – Guitar
Jed – Bass
Chris – Drums
Burdt – Guitar/Vocals

" Aver may be the best doomy space rock thing to come out of Australia. " Maximum Volume Music

"Aver’s super-chilled, sun-kissed classic stoner rock sounds like Acrimony, Pearl Jam and Kyuss enjoying a nice day at the beach. This Sydney crew do it right and they do it well . . . packed with blissful tracks that swing from serene to stentorian to spaced-out. It’s half bubbling bong cauldron, half coral reef scuba diving. This is an album that initially grabs you by the throat with its stoner power, then puts its arm around your shoulders and takes you on a peaceful trip into the dazzling haze. " -- Doom Metal Heaven