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Buss - Buss (CD)
Buss - Buss (CD)
Buss - Buss (CD)

Buss - Buss (CD)

Rock: Various - CD
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The BUSS self-titled EP is a debut effort by a band aiming to recapture the energy of the 1970s underground rock scene. They achieve this fuzzy, vintage vibe by recording with a 4-track tape recorder.

Thematically, the songs tackle issues of modern life, like smartphone addiction and the yearning for fame, all filtered through a classic rock lens. The EP also features a cover of Stagnant Pool by Leaf Hound.

Here's the tracklist for the BUSS self-titled EP:

  • Liars
  • TV Show
  • Electric Eye
  • Flying Lady
  • Stagnant Pool (Leaf Hound cover)
Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Hard / Psychedelic.
Catalog No:  None.
Type:  Single Sleeve.