PreOrder/CR-067:  Shem - II (record)
PreOrder/CR-067:  Shem - II (record)

PreOrder/CR-067: Shem - II (record)

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YouTube:  Shem - II (full Album 2021) - YouTube


300 copies in total
150 x black -180gr. -
150 x red-black - marbled 
 all with A2 poster, sticker & DLC
-handnumbered -
Shem is a collective of musicians from Stuttgart. A jam band that, influenced by

early Krautrock bands like Amon Düül, Can and Popol Vuh up to Spacerock Hawkwind and the soundscapes of contemporary bands such as Electric Orange, Oresund Space Collective and Kungens Män improvise.

By combining elements of ambient, drone, psych and Space Rock create epic, Hall-soaked pieces, send you on a cosmic journey.  On their second album, the band puts their research mission into the depths of the sonic improvisations and captures them in the form of a 40-minute journey into cosmic abysses, over dreamy night landscapes and finally into the vastness of space.  Held together by motorgrooves, the album produces a noisy suction, without the moments of pause neglect, and represents the next step in the musical journey of Shem.