LBR-033:  Severant - Closure (10" black record)

LBR-033: Severant - Closure (10" black record)

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S E V E R A N T  ¥ Dark Psychedelic Rock ¥ from The Netherlands

DEBUT EP - CLOSURE - comes in:

- 250pcs of black wax

- 10inch debut 

- 350gsm Custom Die Cut Sleeve

- 250gsm Printed Innerbag 

- Produced and engineered by Pieter Kloos | The Void Studio

- Cover artwork by Manuel Tinnemans | Comaworx

- Lay Out by Pieter Hendriks 

 SEVERANT, a new and talented four piece from The Netherlands, brings to life righteous psychedelic sounds by combining their love for the late 60's and early 70's fused with their attraction to the dark. They take influences from musical adventures such as Pink Floyd and The Devil’s Blood. Expect beautiful melodies and harmonies floating on a deep groove, contrasted with heavy guitar parts.