2006:  Om - Conference Of The Birds (coloured record))

2006: Om - Conference Of The Birds (coloured record))

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Youtube: https://youtu.be/ooxu9qa3mTw

Comprised of two songs that build on Om’s (Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius, rhythm section of legendary sludge and stoner rock pioneers, Sleep) use of cyclical rhythm, riff, and vocal intonation, the duo’s new album Conference of the Birds blends metal, chant, drone, dub, and psychedelia . The band’s lyrics expound upon the structure of the universe, potentiality, and freedom from the physical body. Engineered by Billy Anderson and produced by the band, Conference of the Birds progresses beyond their debut, Variations on a Theme, with more fully realized songwriting and production by Billy Anderson (Melvins, Neurosis)