ART-105:  The Lunar Effect - Strange Lands (record)

ART-105: The Lunar Effect - Strange Lands (record)

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YouTube:  The Lunar Effect - Strange Lands (2016) [Full Album] - YouTube

Finally their 2016 EP sees its well deserved vinyl treatment! To make it a full-length record 2 brand new songs (Sleepyhead, New Lines) have been added, plus an exciting cover version of Leafhound's "Freelance Fiend". Specially remastered for vinyl by Tony Reed.

The Lunar Effect are a psychedelic rock band from London. The debut full-length album offers great psych-flavoured heavy rock with a tight rhythm section, a breathtaking vocal delivery and a huge arsenal of tasty and deep guitars. A modern take on soulful rock music firmly rooted in the seventies. All space explorers out there should have a very close listen!

"A heavy exploration into new rock territories while maintaining and utilizing brilliant ingredients of rock n roll history." - Global Texan Chronicles

"Strange Lands is a fine album, full of vim and verve yet maintaining a thoughtful edge and some pretty cool riffs" - Dayz of Purple


- 250x 180g clear
- 150x 180g white/orange/red marbled (KOZMIK MAILORDER EDITION)
- plated & pressed on heavy high performance vinyl by Pallas Group in Germany
- deluxe 300gsm gatefold cover
- special vinyl mastering