Record:  Wizzerd - Doomchild (transparent orange with blue/red splatter)

Record: Wizzerd - Doomchild (transparent orange with blue/red splatter)

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Band Biography:

From our home deep in the mountains, we weave sonic tales of our multiverse for all our Doomed disciples.  Wizzerd rose from the fallen branches of frozen trees late into October.  The Devil had risen in search of blood, and with him he brought an omen of death upon the Earth...Wizzerd.  Fuzzy distortion and high gain on their stone(d) instruments, Wizzerd weaves epic tales of battle, magic, demons, and great journeys into the Unknown. 

Band Members:

Jhalen Salazar – Vocals/Guitar

Jamie Yeats – Guitar

Sam Moore – Drums

Layne Matkovich – Bass

Wayne Randall – Synth/Audio

Location:  Kalispell, Montana

 Album Biography:

The original idea for the album stemmed from a basic theme but grew into something greater. This album is the origin story for what became our multialbum-spanning concept, which was based on an epic poem (included on the insert of the vinyl edition) crafted before the band name ‘Wizzerd’ was ever uttered. The three main ‘new’ musical influences on us at the time were the Sword, Egypt, and Elder, which we had just discovered and been getting really into. Those types of sounds combined with a deep root in classic heavy rock and this budding concept of the Doomchild birthed the album before you today. It was recorded in the basement of our house in which we all lived at the time and is finally getting its first vinyl treatment four years later.

  • Recorded: Black Magick Studios/our basement, Kalispell, MT
  • Mixed: Wayne Randall/Wizzerd.
  • Mastered: Tony Reed at HeavyHead Recording
  • Album Art: burningmoon666
  • Design: Wizzerd

Projected Release Date:  19 November 2020.


250 copies – The Doometarium Planes Edition:  transparent orange record with blue and red splatter.  Comes with lyric / picture insert & download code.


Desert Psychlist - June 2016


U.S. distribution @ The Cosmic Peddler.

European distribution @ Kozmik Artifactz.