Record:  No Year - So Long (red & white record)

Record: No Year - So Long (red & white record)

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Bandcamp:  SO LONG | NO YEAR (

SO LONG is the debut LP from Portland quartet NO YEAR. Named well before the shit-showery of 2020, SO LONG has taken on all new meaning at the end of the longest year of our lives.

SO LONG winds through a labyrinth of 90s grunge dinosaurs, washed out shoegazers, Amrep noise rockings, and angular post-hardcore heavily indebted to the legacy of Gravity Records and a little ol’ band from SD.

NO YEAR, a Portland quartet comprised of veterans of the city’s underground music scene are poised to inflict gripping, visceral psychedelic post-hardcore on the listening public with the release of their first LP, “SO LONG”.