Scorched Oak - Withering Earth
Scorched Oak - Withering Earth

Scorched Oak - Withering Earth

The Ancients
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Withering Earth is the second studio album by German stoner rock band Scorched Oak, released on September 18, 2020. The album was recorded and mixed by the band at their own studio in Dortmund, Germany. It was mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark.

The album features the band's signature sound, which is a blend of stoner rock, doom metal, and blues. The songs are heavy and riff-driven, with Linda's distinctive vocals adding a touch of soulfulness. The lyrics explore themes of environmentalism, spirituality, and personal growth.

The album was well-received by critics and fans alike. It was praised for its powerful sound and its message of hope in the face of adversity.

If you are a fan of stoner rock, doom metal, or blues, then you will definitely want to check out Withering Earth. It is a powerful and moving album that will stay with you long after you have listened to it.

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Desert / Doom / Fuzz.
Catalog No:  None.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record.
Color:  Black.
Additional:  Hand-Numbered Copy.