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Slayer - Reign In Blood (Vinyl/Record)

Slayer - Reign In Blood (Vinyl/Record)

CRS-80s Rock
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Reign in Blood is the third studio album by American thrash metal band Slayer, released on October 7, 1986 by Def Jam Recordings. The album is considered one of the most influential and important albums in the history of heavy metal music. It is often cited as one of the heaviest and fastest albums ever recorded. The album's lyrics deal with themes of violence, death, and Satanism.

Reign in Blood was recorded and produced at Hit City West in Los Angeles with Rick Rubin producing and Andy Wallace engineering. The album was the label boss' first professional experience with heavy metal, and his fresh perspective led to a drastic makeover of Slayer's sound. Steve Huey of AllMusic believed Rubin drew tighter and faster songs from the band, and delivered a cleanly produced sound that contrasted sharply with their previous recordings. This resulted in drastic changes to Slayer's sound, and changed audiences' perception of the band.

The album opens with the song "Angel of Death", a harrowing account of the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele's experiments on prisoners at Auschwitz. The song is a prime example of Slayer's ability to combine extreme speed and aggression with complex and melodic guitar work. The rest of the album follows suit, with songs like "Reign in Blood", "Piece of Mind", and "Raining Blood" setting a new standard for speed and brutality.

Reign in Blood was a critical and commercial success, reaching number 94 on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States. The album has been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Reign in Blood has been praised by critics and fans alike for its intensity, speed, and aggression. The album has been credited with helping to popularize thrash metal music and is considered one of the most important albums in the history of heavy metal.

Reign in Blood is a groundbreaking and influential album that helped to define the sound of thrash metal. The album is still considered to be one of the heaviest and fastest albums ever recorded, and it continues to be praised by critics and fans alike.

Original Release:  1986.
Catalog No:  B0018853-01.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record.
Color:  Black.
Additional:  Explicit Content.