Sonic Flower - Rides Again (CD)
Sonic Flower - Rides Again (CD)

Sonic Flower - Rides Again (CD)

Heavy Psych Sounds: CD
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Sonic Flower Rides Again is the second studio album by Japanese instrumental rock band Sonic Flower. Recorded in 2005, Rides Again comprises five original songs and two covers shelved for fifteen years before being released by Italian label Heavy Psych Sounds in 2021.

The album was recorded at the same time as the band's debut album, but was not released due to problems with the label. The tracks were eventually released in 2021, after the band had reformed.

Rides Again is a mix of psychedelic groove, rock, funk, and doom metal. The music is influenced by bands such as Cactus, Grand Funk Railroad, Mountain, Sir Load Baltimore, Captain Beyond, Meaters, Graham Central Station and Funkadelic.

The album was well-received by critics, with many praising the band's musicianship and the album's production. Rides Again is a must-have for fans of instrumental rock.

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Instrumental / Psychedelic / Blues.
Catalog No:  HPS-152v2.
Type:  digipak.