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Sons Of Alpha Centauri - 2004 Demo (Vinyl/Record)
Sons Of Alpha Centauri - 2004 Demo (Vinyl/Record)

Sons Of Alpha Centauri - 2004 Demo (Vinyl/Record)

Instrumentals: 7 Inch
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The 2004 Demo by Sons of Alpha Centauri is a self-released EP that features two tracks, "Hitman" and "Landscape 9". The EP was recorded at The Yacht Club in Sheerness, Kent, England, and was originally released in a limited run of 13 CDs. In 2021, the EP was re-released on cassette and 7" vinyl.

The music on the EP is a mix of post-metal and stoner rock, with heavy guitar riffs, driving drums, and atmospheric vocals. The tracks are both long and complex, with a lot of build-up and release. The lyrics are mostly abstract and cryptic, but they deal with themes of alienation, isolation, and violence.

The 2004 Demo is a well-made and atmospheric EP that showcases the early potential of Sons of Alpha Centauri. The music is heavy and intense, but it's also melodic and atmospheric. The lyrics are cryptic and abstract, but they're also thought-provoking and engaging. If you're a fan of post-metal or stoner rock, then you should definitely check out the 2004 Demo.

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Instrumental / Alternative / Metal.
Size:  7" single vinyl record.
Color:  Two Color Variants.
Additional:  Gold Copy Is Hand-Numbered.