Spaceslug - Reign of the Orion
Spaceslug - Reign of the Orion
Spaceslug - Reign of the Orion

Spaceslug - Reign of the Orion

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Purple Vinyl Record 

Purple White Color Dab Vinyl Record


YouTube:  Down to the Sun - YouTube

"They've become one of Europe's strongest progressive heavy psych bands, giving due acknowledgement of their roots in fuzz even as they take off toward broader reaches. New album in 2020? Given the timing of Reign of the Orion, that's a maybe, but it seems likely we'll hear from them one way or another, and given what they've done to this point in their career, that's only something to anticipate.

It was clear from the outset with Lemanis were onto something and could become a special band. As they continue to move forward at such a rapid pace, we're seeing the realization of that potential in everything they do. If they can keep the momentum they have going now and stave off burnout, they'll move into the vaunted realms of the influential." -


Reign Of The Orion
- 250x solid purple
- 250x purple white dab (KOZMIK MAILORDER EDITION)
- standard sleeve

Special Edition Double Vinyl: Reign Of The Orion + Mountains & Reminiscence
- 250x A/B solid purple, C/D transparent blue
- 250x Black Dust Edition, A/B purple black dust, C/D gold black dust (KOZMIK MAILORDER EDITION)
- deluxe 300gsm gatefold sleeve