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Steve Ignorant With Paranoid Visions – When . . . ? (CD)

Steve Ignorant With Paranoid Visions – When . . . ? (CD)

Punk: CD
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A collaboration between Steve Ignorant, the former vocalist of the anarcho-punk band Crass, and Paranoid Visions, an Irish punk band. The album was released in 2013, and it features a mix of new songs and re-worked Crass material.

The album was recorded in Dublin and Norwich, and it was produced by Steve Ignorant and Paranoid Visions. The album's sound is a mix of punk rock, post-punk, and industrial. The songs are political and aggressive, and they reflect Ignorant's lifelong commitment to social justice.

The album received positive reviews from critics, with many praising Ignorant's vocals and the band's energetic live sound. It was a commercial success, reaching number 11 on the Irish Albums Chart.

The album's title track, "When . . . ?", is a song about the state of the world and the need for change. The song is angry and urgent, and it features Ignorant's trademark vocals. Other notable tracks on the album include "The End is Nigh", "No More War", and "Reality Asylum".

 Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Punk.
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