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Stoneerror - Discography (Vinyl/Record)
Stoneerror - Discography (Vinyl/Record)
Stoneerror - Discography (Vinyl/Record)
Stoneerror - Discography (Vinyl/Record)
Stoneerror - Discography (Vinyl/Record)

Stoneerror - Discography (Vinyl/Record)

Interstellar Smoke Records
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Stonerror Vinyl Discography: Stonerror / Widon in Black / Trouble Maker 3xLP

Stonerror "STONERROR"

Black Vinyl 180 grams vinyl housed in single-pocket LP-sleeve incl. lyrics and credits printed on the inner sleeve insert, limited poster A3 size.
Re-issue of debiut album of Stonerror, new matrix cut / new pressing, edition enriched in limited poster A3.
Black Vinyl Hand-Crefted in 33 1/3 RPM produced, engineered, and mixed by Maciej Cieślak.
Mastered by Bob Katz

- Label stickers
- glossy insert, 30x30 cm,
- Poster A3

1. Red Tank 03:39
2. Misbegotten 02:16
3. The Wolf 05:54
4. Los Hermanos 04:32
5. God's Guns 03:03
6. The Ride 03:06
7. Sierra Morena 04:33
8. Blues for the Red Sea 07:01

Stonerror "WIDOW IN BLACK"

Black 180 grams vinyl housed in regular LP-sleeve, comes in gatefold cover, with three 300gr double-side printed insert included lyric and Band fotos.

1. Ships on Fire 03:47
2. Widow in Black 03:02
3. Tumbleweed 05:05
4. Kings of the Stone Age 03:50
5. Domesday Call 04:09
6. Hellfire 06:51
7. Asteroid Fields 04:38
8. Mothership 05:45
9. Revelation 07:38


Black & Red Vinyl 180 grams, housed in single-pocket LP-sleeve with additional visual enrichment on cover, incl. 8-page booklet 12 inch size, CD edition with two additional tracks (Redio Edit).

Black & Red Vinyl Hand-Crefted in 45 RPM produced, engineered, mixed and mastering by Maciej Cieślak.

- Label stickers
- 8-page booklet, 30x30 cm,
- CD Edition*
- Download code

1. Synchronicity I 03:20
2. Opar 04:40
3. Pejzaż miasta 04:02
4. Na dnie mych oczu 06:00
5. Trouble Maker 05:32

One of the year’s most engaging, heart-thumping, hair flying wildly in the wind kind of records. Stonerror toggle between a wide range of interlocking styles with confidence, delivering exciting psychedelic touches, grinding desert riffs, soaring choruses, and dreamy post-metal finishes. It’s an unbeatable, finely tuned machine that feels neither uptight nor undisciplined. They’re just free, man, free.

God sent melodies wrap the listener in a cocoon of sonic swirl. The album gains tremendous momentum blossoming into one of the strongest stoner rock plays of the year.

QOTSA/Kyuss type desert quirkiness and 1000 Mods styled psychedelic grooviness balanced out by strong melodies and that thing the old jazzers used to call "swing".

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Desert / Psychedelic / Stoner.
Catalog No:  ISR.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record x 3.
Color:  Stonerror - Black / Widow In Black - Black / Trouble Maker - Black & Red.