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Temple Fang - Fang Temple (Vinyl/Record)
Temple Fang - Fang Temple (Vinyl/Record)

Temple Fang - Fang Temple (Vinyl/Record)

Rock: Various - Record
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When we lost our drummer in the pre-production process of making our first studio album, the rest of us decided, worn down by a year of struggling to keep the band going in the midst of a pandemic, to abandon the project entirely and take a break from music, not even sure if we wanted to continue Temple Fang.
When our sound engineer Niek Manders send us a rough mix of recordings he had made of the only shows we had done with some of this new material (3 seated shows in Db’s Utrecht on 13-12-20, a day before the whole country was forced into lockdown again) the decision was made to close this chapter of TF with another live record. Even though we had played most of those songs for the first time and the quality of the recordings was rough, there was definitely a vibe there and it was all we had captured of this new material.
When we headed to Galloway studio’s in Nijmegen to mix, producer Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt ambushed us with a totally different idea, he was dead set on taking these recordings as a base to build an album onto. It seemed like a wild idea, but as Sebas started pulling out tape echos and vintage synths, we got into it.
Many months later, we emerged from the studio unsure of what to do with this moloch of a record, we had just found our new drummer Egon, got inspired and wanted to focus on the fresh energy he brought to the band.
We decided to shelve this project and move on.
Enter Dennis’ childhood friend Johan Broeder of brand new label Electric Spark, he had gotten wind of this project and after hearing it, tried over many months to convince us to release it.
He finally did, so today we’re releasing “Fang Temple” digitally and as a double 180gr vinyl with Gatefold pre-order, 300 available through our bandcamp and 300 through Electric Spark.
We will not promote or tour this ‘lost’ record and it will not be made widely available, this one is solely for the diehards who were there for the first 3 years of the band.

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Kraut / Psychedelic / Space.
Catalog No:  none - 4th Spark.
Size:  12" double vinyl record.
Color:  white.
Additional:  gatefold jacket / 180 gram.