OM-017/Test Press:  Slow Phase - Slow Phase (black record)

OM-017/Test Press: Slow Phase - Slow Phase (black record)

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Band Biography:

A badass power trio explosion with warm and fuzzy guitar tones and sizzling 70’s inspired rock ‘n roll from Oakland.  The trio is powered by drum wizard Richard Stuverud, known for his work with Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament and many more well-loved bands.  Stuverud shares lead vocal duties and harmonies with bassist Anthony Pulsipher, known around the Bay Area music scene as a songwriter-vocalist-guitarist for art-damaged country rockers Spidermeow.  Guitarist Dmitri Mavra is the founder and songwriter behind retro cult favorite SKUNK.

Band Members:

Anthony Pulsipher – bass, vocals

Richard Stuverud – drums, vocals

Dmitri Mavra – guitar

Album Biography:

After spending three years woodshedding James Gang, KISS, Mountain, Zeppelin, Zappa, Grand Funk and the like, the band decided to go “original” and christened themselves after the most righteous setting on the 1971 Maestro Phase Shifter.

  • Recorded: Bart Thurber, House of Faith
  • Mastered: Justin Weis, Trakworx
  • Album Art & Mixing: Dmitri Mavra

Release Date:  September 2020.


250 copies – Psychedelic Fuzz Edition:  transparent yellow record with red, orange, and black splatter.


Slow Phase’s album debuted on the Doom charts, coming in @ number 14 in March 2020, beating out bands like Ritual King, Vinnum Sabbathi, Lord Buffalo and Forming the Void to name a few and again @ 26 in April.

If you want to wrap yourself in a cocoon of warm and fuzzy guitar tones and sizzling 70’s inspired rock’n roll (and why wouldn’t you?) then I highly recommend this album.


U.S. distribution @ The Cosmic Peddler.

European distribution @ Kozmik Artifactz.