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The Machine - Wave Cannon (CD)
The Machine - Wave Cannon (CD)

The Machine - Wave Cannon (CD)

Majestic Mountain Records - CD
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The Machine harness a deeply psychedelic flow of perpetual finesse, yet somehow retain captivating power while dulcetly drifting on a more grunge-gaze plain, laced through heavy, melodic harmonics and exceptionally cohesive composition.
With a new, renewed purpose and inspiration to further explore the core fabric of The Machine’s trademark heavy grooves, the band is pushing the envelope of texturally atmospheric fuzz and big riffs with a refreshed rhythm section comprised of new members Chris Both (bass) and drummer Klaas Dijkstra alongside the magnetic guitar and vocal presence of founding member David Eering.
The band bring us seven astonishingly fresh and electrifying tracks of The Machine redefined, without losing their original, heavy essence. With entrancing songcraft at its genesis, ‘Wave Cannon’ shows us The Machine as we have never heard them before yet indulges our love for their original, heavy psychedelic nature.

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Heavy / Psychedelic / Harmonic.
Catalog No:  MMR-057.
Type:  digipak.