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Total Armsvett – Total Armsvett (Vinyl/Record)

Total Armsvett – Total Armsvett (Vinyl/Record)

Punk: Record
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The 1983 cassette album Total Armsvett by the Swedish hardcore punk band Total Armsvett is a raw and uncompromising expression of political anger. The album's 10 songs rage against war, capitalism, and the Swedish government, with titles like "Krossa Hemvärnet" ("Smash the Home Guard"), "Hjärndöda Politiker" ("Braindead Politicians"), and "Anarki Är Frihet" ("Anarchy Is Freedom").

The music is equally as intense, with fast tempos, driving rhythms, and harsh vocals. The band's sound is influenced by early hardcore punk bands like Discharge and Black Flag, but they also incorporate elements of thrash metal and grindcore.

Original Release:  1983.
Catalog No:  RFR-127.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record.
Color:  Black.