Van Halen - Woman And Children First Sessions

Van Halen - Woman And Children First Sessions

CRS-80s Rock
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Van Halen - Women and Children First Sessions is an unofficial compilation album of outtakes from the recording sessions for Van Halen's third studio album, Women and Children First. It was released in 1991 on the Roaring Mouse record label.

The album features seven tracks, including:

  • "Act Like It Hurts" (alternate version of "Tora! Tora!")
  • "Romeo Delight" (instrumental)
  • "Unreleased Instrumental"
  • "Everybody Wants Some!!"
  • "Loss of Control"
  • "Take Your Whisky Home" (instrumental)
  • "Fools"

The album was compiled from a variety of sources, including bootleg tapes and demo recordings. The sound quality is variable, but the album offers a glimpse into the creative process behind one of Van Halen's most classic albums.

Some of the tracks on the album have been officially released in recent years. For example, "Act Like It Hurts" was included on the 2015 reissue of Women and Children First. However, the album as a whole remains a valuable resource for Van Halen fans who want to hear more from the band's early years.

Original Release:  1980.
Catalog No:  YDLP011.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record.
Color:  White.