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Videodrones - Nattens Haevn (Vinyl/Record)

Videodrones - Nattens Haevn (Vinyl/Record)

El Paraiso Records
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It is the second album by the Danish synth-improv duo Videodrones.  It was released on July 21, 2017.  The album is a collection of 13 tracks that are based largely on improvisation.  The music is a mix of electronic genres, including synthwave, ambient, and techno.  The album has been praised for its dark and atmospheric soundscapes.

If you are a fan of electronic music, I highly recommend checking out Nattens Haevn. It is a truly unique and immersive listening experience.

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Electronic / Synthwave / Kraut / Instrumental.
Catalog No:  EPR041LP.
Size:  12" single vinyl record.
Color:  black.