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Wrong Hole - 2012 (Vinyl/Record)

Wrong Hole - 2012 (Vinyl/Record)

Punk: Record
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Wrong Hole started with Andrew and Nick trying to start a two piece because they wanted the option of taking the bus to shows. Soon after, Jon joined and now they sound like what they're supposed to: a scientifically sloppy and idiotic grouping of fun noises.

Debut album from Wrong Hole, drum machine.synth.idiotiq band from Nick Flanagan(Brutal Knights, stand up comedian), Andrew Moszynski(Deadly Snakes, Quest For Fire, Comet Control) and Jon Schouten(Teenanger, Telephone Explosion Records)
this is music for a new age of lowered IQs and heightened expectations.

Original Release:  2014.
Catalog No:  PR039.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record.
Color:  Black.